2012 Presidential Election Bumpers at RevoStock

Are your deadlines rapidly approaching for the 2012 Presidential Election and Campaign on individual projects or live coverage? We’ve designed two motion graphics bumper animations with transition reveals on the tail end allowing you to easily transition to your footage, live studio cameras, or remote feeds. These clips are 32-bit which have their alpha channels embedded. The lens flare effect at the end of these royalty free stock footage clips is where your alpha key will reveal your content.

Currently we are offering a discount of 10% OFF when purchasing both of these clips at RevoStock.com. They are designed to complement each other and keep your design look consistent for campaign stories as well as for reporting all the results on election day. Mouse over the thumbnails below for a pop-up preview.

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You will need to add both clips to your cart on this Politics Series Promo linked page at RevoStock to receive the discount.

RevoStock.com also offers bonus credits when purchasing at various bulk credit levels. If you were to purchase these two clips at the current discounted price you would also receive 15 bonus credits which you could use on any other RevoStock.com purchases. Did you know they also sell royalty free music and sound effects?

If you prefer to composite the transition on the tail end yourself and carry that look on into your coverage we offer a package of both bumpers, separate transition, and lower third in the 2012 Presidential Election Bumper Package.