About Us - Postquis Design LLCPostquís Design LLC is a media production company providing cinematography, motion graphics, and post-production services to the broadcast, corporate, multimedia, and internet markets. Included in these services are creative photographic still imagery design, motion graphic animations, and royalty free customizable After Effects templates. Our templates enhance your projects and can save you a tremendous amount of time as your project deadline nears. A great deal of the tedious process required in key framing these motion graphics animations has been done for you in our templates!

Our photographic imagery services assist our clients in carrying their video designs throughout their corresponding print campaigns. Currently we’re also rolling out these still image design services to the individual sports client on a select basis. Unique wall art encompassing our many professional services will soon be available to the public.

Creative Director and Founder Ron Davis is the driving force behind the creation of Postquís Design LLC. His background and credits include a wide range of events and clients from Entertainment (MTV Video Music Awards) to Political Coverage (Party Conventions) to Sports Broadcasts (U.S. Open Golf Championship and The Olympics). As a Technical Director, the demands of meeting deadlines while ‘upping the look’ is an ever present daily scenario. Having such a background is a unique and beneficial asset at Postquís Design LLC. We’ve taken this experience and woven it into the design approach of our stock footage animations and our After Effects templates. We strive to design animations that provide you flexibility while integrating them into your project and to assist you in meeting your deadline with the time savings they can offer.

We were among the early adopters of the ‘desktop revolution’ who interfaced the toolsets at the time into a live TV production mobile unit broadcast. That was back in the early 90’s and since then we certainly have seen a lot change. Today we’re able to leverage our experience in the broadcast industry and desktop revolution to bring you innovative and fresh designs that have a unique polish and feel…and more so, assist you in meeting your motion graphic deadlines! Our post-production services such as motion tracking and rotoscoping take the time consuming aspects of your production off of your shoulders and allow you to focus on other aspects of your project. We’ve ‘been there’ and understand the various aspects of the production process.

We feel that innovative motion graphics design often begins with compelling live action visuals which engage the viewer and carry them through a story or timeline. Our 34 years of experience as a Technical Director and Cinematographer provide the foundation for such an approach. A few of our Technical Director credits include clients such as NBC Sports, NFL Films, ABC Network, NBA Entertainment, MTV Networks, KBS – The Korean Broadcasting System, and The Children’s Television Workshop (PBS).