Stock Footage Transition Sound Design

We’re often asked how to accentuate stock footage transitions with sound design for greater effect. When working on your stock footage transition sound design a few basic core factors come into play. These are how the transition is being used and in what context. One such use may be within a sports broadcast. In this case the sound design is accentuating a change of content, such as to a full page graphics panel or to and from a hi-light replay. This scenario may call for powerful SFX if being used during a hockey telecast as opposed to a more subtle swoosh type sound effect for a tennis match when used for a replay transition. If your project’s main body of work is an interview with a corporate CEO and you need to support the interview with full page graphic panels, then your transition sound design effects would most likely need to be subtle. In this scenario they most likely would be mixed with the CEO’s mic during his responses. Here a very subtle sound effect mixed under the main mic could put a subtle accent on your supporting graphics.

Once you’ve determined the style for your transition sound design you can then move on to determining how the visual aspects of the transition reveal themselves on the front end and back end of the transition. In the following example we’ve designed a lens flare that rises and flys toward the viewer to reveal the abstract elements. Here a sound effect that has a swell or build up helps to accentuate that motion. For the reveal a more defined lens flare flys out in a sweeping arc as it comes towards the viewer before flying away on the reveal. We’ve also chosen a sound effect with a ‘snap hit’ built into it to further accentuate the reveal point of the transition. We believe this type of transition sound design has an ‘impact style’ and thus more appropriate for situations where you’re looking to add a substantial accent in your sound design during the edit point transition.

Stock Footage Transition Sound Design with Impact

We hope this provides some insight into the general considerations you might take when adding sound effects to stock footage transitions in your projects. You can find some great sound effects at

Stock footage transition sound designIf our stock footage transition above fits your needs (video only) you can find full details and info on our site at Solar Burst Transition 2.

Be aware you can time-remap the duration of your stock footage transitions to be shorter if you are looking for a fast interstitial visual to bridge your transitional edit points.

Fire Streaks Explosion Transition 2

A stock footage royalty free fire streaks explosion transition clip. This 3 second clip consists of multiple lens flares which build on top of fire toned streaks of light. This 32-bit transition builds to a full frame explosion of dissipating particles. This full frame (alpha channel) provides the edit point under which your transition occurs. As a  32 bit clip with its alpha channel embedded you will not need alternate blend modes to key this clip.

Video Preview

Pre-Keyed Fire Streaks Explosion Transition – Alpha Channel Embedded

View a Hi-Resolution Still Here     |     Purchase this clip at

  • Length: 3 sec.
  • Loopable: No
  • Sound: No
  • Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
  • Field Rendering: Progressive
  • Codec: PNG (32 bit with alpha)

Resolutions: 1920 x 1080

If you are in need of a shorter transition, this fire streaks explosion concept is available without the exploding particles at the end. Preview our alternate stock footage transition titled Fire Streaks Transition 2. This alternate clip has a duration of 2 seconds making it more flexible when building packages where total running time is critical as in a sports highlights package.

Fire Streaks Transition 2 | Stock Footage | Fire Streaks Explosion

Royalty Free Stock Music Packages-Big Sound Music

Finding royalty free stock music to fit shorter commercial duration times that are derived from the longer version you are using can be frustrating. This is seen when stock music producers, who are creating long play versions of their tracks, fail to produce the shorter derivative versions such as 60 and 30 second versions.

Editors are often asked to cut shorter versions of their projects for commercials and promos. Having these alternate versions available when you are picking out your main music track gives you and your editor added flexibility when producing these alternate edits. Big Sound Music is a producer of royalty free stock music which takes this package approach in their library and portfolio available at

They also have a Tag version as well as Loop versions available. Preview the package for their LP track titled Moonless below. Mouse over the thumbnails for an audio preview of the tracks. Each preview’s title is linked to it’s info page at RevoStock where you can find details as well as purchase the proper license for your project.

Big Sound Music Royalty Free Stock Music Packages

…Read More

Stock Footage As Basis For Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook’s new Timeline layout emphasizes a large area at the top of the page known as the Cover Photo. In addition to simply using an existing photo that you have on your Facebook page you can also get very creative and design a custom Cover Photo utilizing Royalty Free Stock Footage. In the example below we went to our favorite compositing application, Adobe After Effects, to demonstrate how you can design a custom branded graphic image for the area at the top of your Facebook Timeline home page.

Facebook Cover Photo Stock Footage Design

This example utilizes a Royalty Free Stock Footage clip from our portfolio at We then color corrected it, added a VCP lens flare with a blending mode of Screen, and finally added our name and tag line. The profile image graphic in the lower left has been added here to show you how both would work together when Facebook inserts your Profile Image on top of your Cover Photo. It all starts with a Royalty Free Stock Footage video clip from which you have multiple snapshot images to choose from for …Read More

Retro Look in Stock Footage Transition

Back in the Day… transition effects on live sporting events were limited. The cost effective DDR technology to playback stock footage or custom designed clips hadn’t been developed yet… so Technical Directors switching live sports often used a quick flash frame of a color background (set to white) for their transitions into and out of replays. This was achieved often with a cut (1 frame duration) to a full frame of white background followed with a programmed dissolve to the next source (videotape machine, graphics panel, or live camera) . This dissolve ranged around 6-8 frames which in effect gave the look of a flash bulb going off… and as it faded away, a different visual was revealed. These transition numbers might vary a bit depending on the TD and the actual elements but for the most part this was IT. The hardware switchers of the day had non-volatile programmable effects memory which by today’s standards would be quite limited but allowed for this level of effects programming with a ‘one-button push’. Nonetheless, back then… this is what the Tech Directors had to work with while switching live shows.

As a Technical Director, I have to say those days were quite interesting as we looked for ways to push the limitations of our toolsets to add production value to our shows. Drawing on a bit of that old school look is this 32-bit stock footage clip with a bit of that retro feel while adding dissipating particles on the reveal.

Additional technical details on this clip can be found at its description page.

2012 Presidential Election Graphics Package Promos

The 2012 Presidential Election and Campaign is ramping up and deadlines are rapidly approaching for on-air graphics packages and features. We have a suggestion for you when it comes to these motion graphics needs …Royalty Free Stock Footage. We’ve teamed up with to bundle a few select motion graphic bumper animations along with complimentary elements at a discount! You not only receive this discount but also additional RevoStock Bonus Credits Free when you purchase all the clips in each of these Media Boxes.

2012 Presidential Election Stock Footage Promotion At RevoStock

Currently we have configured 2 Media Box promos from our Politics Series of motion graphics stock footage. Preview the clips and more details concerning these discounts and the free bonus credits at the links below.

2012 Election Bumpers at Revostock stock footage animation

2012 Election Bumper Package at Revostock stock footage animation

Preview these 2012 Presidential Election clips along with additional details on their linked pages.

RevoStock Customer Testimonials

RevoStock Banner Customer Testimonials is approaching their 6th year in the Microstock business offering Royalty Free After Effects Templates along with Stock Footage, Music, Sound Effects, and Motion Templates. Postquis Design will soon celebrate our 5th year as a content contributor at RevoStock and have watched them continually develop their site to enhance the customer experience. They recently completed a major update which included a new look, larger mouse over previews as well as increased site responsiveness. You can now read what the RevoStock customer thinks about them and their customer service on their RevoStock Customer Testimonials Page.

Register to receive their weekly newsletter FreshCuts to stay up to date on the latest stock content additions as well as any upcoming promotions.

NAB 2012 News – BlackMagic Design

NAB 2012 has had its share of BIG announcements this year in Las Vegas. BlackMagic Design has entered the camera market with its announcement of their BlackMagic Cinema Camera featuring an amazing 2.5K image sensor with a wide 13 stops of dynamic range. This camera also includes a built-in SSD recorder, uncompressed RAW and compressed file formats, along with compatibility with EF and ZE mounts for lenses. Included is a full version of DaVinci Resolve 9.0 Color Correction software. ALL for $2,995.00 

FreshDV talked with Dan May of BlackMagic Design at NAB2012 for a quick overview of the camera and what it will offer upon its release this July. Check out their interview.

More info regarding the BlackMagic Cinema Camera can be found at their site.

POND5 @ SXSW 2012 Promo

Pond5 banner

Pond5 will be at SXSW 2012 in Austin, TX on March 12-15 2012. If you are attending the trade show be sure to stop by their booth (515) … meet their crew, pick up a tee shirt, and browse around at their booth. They’ll also be hosting the POND5 MEDIA MAKERS SOIREE on Tuesday night March 13th which looks to be a great get together of media makers from various areas of content creation. Food, music, and a mix of innovative artists will highlight the evening.

If you can’t make it to Austin for the show don’t worry…. Pond5 is offering everyone a special discount code for 15% off all purchases through March 20. Simply use discount code SX5SW  to receive your discount… but HURRY, this code is only Good through March 20, 2012

For a shortcut to their site just follow this link Pond5 Stock Footage

Pond5 Logo

AJA DataCalc Free iPhone App

Have you ever wondered how much storage you’ll need for a given project ? Would you like to know the various storage requirements of other codecs that are available to you in your workflow ? How might an alternative frame rate during acquisition affect your storage needs ? Those answers and more are available to you in a free iPhone App from AJA Video Systems…. titled DataCalc.

AJA DataCalc App screenshotDesigned as a fast and simple tool for audio and video professionals, AJA DataCalc can be used in the field during acquisition and during post-production. It allows  you to effortlessly calculate your storage consumption and data capturing requirements.

AJA Video Systems offers this iPhone App as a free download in the Apple iTunes Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and requires IOS 3.2 or later. You can find it in the Apple App Store at the following link. AJA DataCalc App

This tool is also a great asset in the preliminary stages of a project. When meeting with clients and determining the storage needs given the desired shooting and delivery formats, you can quickly share with them what it’s going to take to bring the “raw acquisition content” all the way through the post-productions process. Knowing what storage needs will be required ‘up-front’ helps make delivering the project that much smoother.