Stone Arch Mortise 2 – Bumper Overlay

Stone Arch Mortise 2 – Bumper Overlay

A bumper overlay designed as a stone arch mortise. Its texture animates with a granite stone look on the pillar columns and within the arc on top. Composite this video stock footage clip over your footage or live camera as you bump out to commercial break. A lens flare animates and tracks along the arcing bevel’s edge. A matte is provided if needed at the end of the clip.

View a Hi-Resolution Still Here     |     Clip is available for purchase at and

  • Length: 10 sec.
  • Loopable: Yes
  • Sound: No
  • Frame Rate: 24 fps
  • Field Rendering: Progressive
  • Codec: Photo JPEG

Resolutions: 1280 x 720

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