RevoStock 40 for $40 Stock Media Bundle Bonus

The 40 for $40 Stock Media Bundle Sale recently got better! It’s now a 41 for $40 bundle with the addition of an extra After Effects template that has been added to the bundle. This BONUS stock media item got added at the 500 download count for the bundle. This promotion is unique in that it rewards all purchasers of the bundle each time an additional 500 downloads are reached. So the next bonus stock media item will be added at the 1000 download count. This is where the creative community can participate in spreading the word about this unbelievable deal. RevoStock values this bundle at over $1000.00 dollars if purchased individually.

RevoStock is offering this bundle sale to bring awareness to their patent troll story. Read their full story here which came to a conclusion late last year. Sharing their story with others in the creative community helps shed light on a scenario many have been unaware of until recently.

Now a 41 for $40 Stock Media Bundle

RevoStock 40 for 40 Stock Media Bundle SaleThe RevoStock 40 for 40 Stock Media Bundle Sale has the potential to get better and better. By continuing to share it with your social networks and the creative community, you can help that download count grow and reach the levels at which BONUS items get added. At each 500 download count threshold another item gets added and all who have purchased it also get the additional BONUS items.
Limited Time Offer: Spread the word!

RevoStock Patent Troll Awareness Bundle Promo

UPDATE: 2-19-14
Our 32-bit stock footage transition was voted into the bundle by the RevoStock community and we thank you! Preview the results of the initial voting on the RevoStock 40 for $40 Bundle Promo page. Read the full story below on the background for this promotion.
———————– has quite a story to share with the creative community regarding their defense against a ‘patent infringement’ lawsuit. This lawsuit was brought upon them by a company many refer to as a Patent Troll. You can read the full story at RevoStock’s Patent Troll Story blog post.

They’re bringing attention to this situation through an unbelievable promotion in which the RevoStock creative community can help shape. RevoStock will be offering an unbelievable deal of 40 various stock footage items for 40 bucks! That’s right 40 for $40 for a collection of After Effects templates, stock footage, music, sound fx, and Apple Motion template. They are allowing users to vote for the items they would like to see in the bundle. The results of the vote will help RevoStock shape the contents of this special promotional bundle.

Voting will be active thru 2-18-14. The promotional sale will begin the next day 2-19-14 and conclude 3-4-14. For every 500 downloads of the bundle, a new item is unlocked and added for all bundle owners to download! Read the full details here.

We’ve submitted one of our stock footage transitions as part of the group that RevoStock users will be voting on. Fire Streaks Transition 2 w Alpha (preview below) is a 32-bit clip with its alpha channel embedded for ease of use. Designed to be flexible and versatile, it can be used in a wide range of projects when needing a fast transition.

We’ve been a RevoStock contributing producer for some time and are happy to contribute to this promotional event. The staff at RevoStock puts a high priority on customer service and we’re happy to be a part of their creative community of contributing producers.

Preview our clip below with a mouse over. Cast your vote for our clip Fire Streaks Transition 2 w Alpha on the RevoStock 40 for $40 Patent Troll Awareness Bundle voting page. Spread the word and much thanks!

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