Golden Lower Third w-Alpha

Golden Lower Third w-Alpha

Lower third title bar which animates on right to left with a fly on effect. This pre-keyed element is comprised of multiple layers of horizontal threads that converge upon landing to form the title bar. Animating through the lower third is an embossed texture moving left and right as well as down which is defocussed upon the bar landing allowing your text to stand out. A glint highlight animates around the edges.

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Lower Third Internal Loop Points

NOTE: Loop Segment: A bonus aspect of this clip is that it can be used with the animation at the top through the end of the clip in addition to the ability to extract a looping segment. This looping segment would not include the fly in at the top. The section of the clip from 6 seconds till the end will form a seamless loop. This has been built into the design of the clip and offers two ways to utilize it in your workflow.

Pre-Keyed Lower Third – Alpha Channel Embedded

  • Length: 12 sec.
  • Loopable: Yes
  • Sound: No
  • Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
  • Field Rendering: Progressive
  • Codec: PNG (32-bit with alpha)

Resolutions: 1920 x 1080