Rising Smoke Double Boxes Background – ProRes

We now offer select stock footage clips in the ProRes 422 HQ codec. These include a series of green screen background clips with rising smoke behind the green screen video frame inserts. Multiple configurations of horizontal and vertical designs are available in this series. To give you an idea of how these will look with actual video, we’ve composited a preview with some of our other stock footage clips. The previews below show the original green screen background ProRes 422 clip along with a sample composite with video keyed into the green screen areas. . All clips in this series are available for purchase at POND5.com and are rendered in 16 bit color depth and 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Rising Smoke Double Boxes Background – ProRes 422 HQ

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Description: Double boxes video frame green screen background (2-BOX) with rising smoke in the back. The smoke rises off of an animating reflective floor behind the video frames. Lights reflect an icy blue tint with a glow. Use this clip as a news bumper, commercial bumper, coming up bumper, or sports highlight montage comparison as well as for a news interview segment. The video frames have offset positions in 3D space.

ProRes 422 HQ Clip Above With Preview Inserts Composited Into Green Screen Areas
This preview was composited within After Effects CS 5.5 using the Keylight (1.2) keying effect.
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