Stock Footage As Basis For Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook’s new Timeline layout emphasizes a large area at the top of the page known as the Cover Photo. In addition to simply using an existing photo that you have on your Facebook page you can also get very creative and design a custom Cover Photo utilizing Royalty Free Stock Footage. In the example below we went to our favorite compositing application, Adobe After Effects, to demonstrate how you can design a custom branded graphic image for the area at the top of your Facebook Timeline home page.

Facebook Cover Photo Stock Footage Design

This example utilizes a Royalty Free Stock Footage clip from our portfolio at We then color corrected it, added a VCP lens flare with a blending mode of Screen, and finally added our name and tag line. The profile image graphic in the lower left has been added here to show you how both would work together when Facebook inserts your Profile Image on top of your Cover Photo. It all starts with a Royalty Free Stock Footage video clip from which you have multiple snapshot images to choose from for …Read More