Kessler Crane Parallax For Stealth Slider

The Kessler Crane Parallax is an add on accessory for the Kessler sliders (length and type specific) allowing the camera to pan while keeping your subject matter in the center of the frame. In essence, it provides an additional axis of movement to your horizontal slider moves. These can be inward or outward panning moves which provide additional dynamic movement which is great for B-roll shots. It attaches to the slider’s underside mechanically with 2 adjustments on each end allowing you to pivot the camera on the Parallax carriage to keep the camera aimed at your subject matter. Then as the camera travels up and down the slider the carriage arm rotates the carriage which pans your camera.

This is a great tool for sit down interviews. You can pair this set up with Kessler’s Second Shooter 1-axis motion control system to be used with a second camera off to the side during your interview. The Second Shooter can be programmed to travel up and down the track with delays at the beginning and end moves to provide you additional footage for your edit. Once this is set up and programmed in… it can run unattended, given you have enough power and memory.

This is a great tool to have if you use or are considering going with Kessler’s line of sliders in your kit. The Kessler Crane Parallax adds so many options for you when you’re out capturing your B-roll shots… even when running manually without any motion control tied into it.

Kessler Crane Parallax Accessory

Kessler Crane Parallax with Stealth Slider

The Kessler Parallax carriage allows you to mount your camera to suit your needs. Below we show the Kessler Low Profile Ball Head attached to it. This little ball head offers a lot of adjustment (62 degrees) and payload for its size. Its bottom bolt size is 3/8″-16 allowing direct threading into the Parallax carriage. You also have the option on your top bolt size of either 3/8″-16 or 1/4″-20 at time of purchase. Kessler also offers each size ala carte in case you come to find you need the other size down the road. They are swappable via the 3 hex screws on the top.

Kessler Parallax with Low Profile Ball Head on Stealth Slider