Kessler Crane Second Shooter MoCo System

We’re excited about adding Kessler Crane’s newest motion control system to our toolkit. Second Shooter is a 3-axis system offering keyframe control over pan, tilt, and slide movements. Here we’re showing this ‘moco’ system in a single axis configuration for the horizontal sliding moves with Kessler Crane’s Parallax bar attached to their Stealth Traveller slider. This set-up is ideal for sit down interviews with a B-camera set off axis from the A-camera. Second Shooter can be programmed in a loop mode to travel up and down the track with the Parallax offering the ability for the camera to pivot as it slides to keep its focal point on your subject. This is a great addition for anyone recording sit down interviews with its programming options. You can set speed ramps at the beginning and end of a slide as well as a delay before it returns to its starting point. Net result?… more options for your editor… and even better when it’s you!

Second Shooter Single Axis Motion Control System

Kessler Second Shooter with BMPC4K on Stealth Slider