Particle Streaks Opening – After Effects Template

An into opening sequence from our After Effects Templates group consisting of multiple segment looks. These segments, as seen in the preview, are  bridged with lens flares so you can certainly extract individual segments when needed. Featured at the end of this After Effects Template is a spinning cube built in 3D space. You can insert your video into all faces of the cube. Also note that there is a drop down title bar for the primary faces of the cube with text. If they are not needed they can simply be turned off. This segment also has a transparent tablet on the left side with multiple layers of text. This tablet rotates on all axis as the cube spins to the next face and pauses. The bullet point text layers  are fully editable. There is also an option to add your logo at the top of each sequence after the tablet rotates, if not needed simply turn those layers off.

Resolution: 1280 x 720
AE Version: After Effects CS3 ( Compatible with Later Versions )
Plugins Needed: None
NOTE: the Cycore plugins which are included with AE CS3 need to be installed.
Length: 39 seconds

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After Effects Templates Particle Streaks Opening_thumb-2

After Effects Templates Particle Streaks Opening_thumb-1

Music is NOT INCLUDED (For Preview Purposes Only). Two music tracks are used – “Mission Loop Full” and “Mission Loop Edit 1” by BIG SOUND MUSIC. The set-up has been prepared for you within the project. See ReadMe file for full instructions.

Video inserts into the boxes and logos on the tablet are NOT INCLUDED (For Preview Purposes Only).